Music Program Directory – Miss Jodi Lynne

Expertise: Voice, Drama, Performance Technique

Miss Jodi received a dual BA in voice and teaching from the Boston University of Fine Arts.  She is certified to teach grades K-12.  Miss Jodi accepts students as young as 5 through adult.

With more than 20 years of teaching experience, Broadway actress/vocalist Jodi Lynne offers instruction in piano, voice and drama from the ground up, structuring the lessons for the age and interest of the student, but ensuring a foundation of music theory and performance technique.  For those aspiring to perform in theatre and television, Miss Jodi offers audition preparation and, when students are ready and able, contacts in the Broadway/off-Broadway theatre and television industry. 

Miss Jodi has traveled the world performing and touring in more than 40 plays and musicals, including the national/international tour of “Little Women – The Broadway Musical.”  She has also performed with Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul in the World Premier Ice Skating Musical “Cold as Ice” and with pop star Sheen Easton in “Man of LaMancha” (also starring Walter Charles).


Registration by session (drops in are not available)

Group Class 


Introduction to Voice/Acting

Ages 6+

Tuesday 6:45 - 7:30 Voice and Acting (Start date 9/5/17)

Cost - $25 per week ($100-$125 per month)

Total monthly tuition is due by the 15th of each month


Class Description


Warm ups of the body and the voice, breathing techniques, facial expression and body awareness, acting games and exercises, monologues and scene study both from published works and no published works, audition preparation, improvisation, Acting techniques of Stanislavski and Method among others, Audition Preparation.


Proper posture, breathing techniques, vocal warm ups and exercises to learn placement and 
expansion of range, pitch matching and intonation exercises, ear training, music theory and knowledge of how to read music, sight reading, repertoire spanning different styles and genres, Audition Preparation.

Private Lessons

Available in voice, piano and acting

30 minute private lesson - $35


24 hour cancellation notice entitles student to reschedule. Limited to one per month, reschedule time to chosen at teacher’s discretion

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