We would like to give a big, warm welcome to new and returning students to Premier Dance Academy. Thank you for joining us for our 5th season!

The studio is ready to invite all dancers back into class to learn, grow and succeed! We believe dance is an art as well as a gift that should be used creatively to express oneself. Dance has an infinite list of benefits including increased strength and flexibility, health and well-being, confidence, and discipline. The abilities learned in the dance room are lifelong skills and lessons to be taken with the student no matter what life path they choose. Trophies and plaques line the windows and walls to remind you of the hard work that takes place in studio and to motivate you to succeed and grow even stronger!

We have a lot of exciting plans for the upcoming season. It all starts in the classroom where we have classes lead by exceptional dancers and teachers who strive to provide an outstanding dance program fit for all dancers, recreational, to competitive, to pre – professional. Our staff works each and every day to help our dancers reach and exceed their personal goals. Competitions, local performances, master classes, conventions, professional auditions, and Disney are also on the agenda for the year!

Our promise to you is to provide a safe, fun, professional dance experience. We will continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our business, by constantly expanding our knowledge base throughout the dance world and its large professional network to bring the best dance education to you and your family.

Here is to a great year Premier Dance Family!
Rachel Newton and Ashley Sullivan


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