Class Evaluation and Placement

Class placement and advancement is based on skill mastery and instructor recommendation, not just by age. Placement will be based on the student’s age, ability, potential, length of study and experience. The student’s attitude, interests and goals will also be taken into consideration. Students will be evaluated throughout each semester to determine if they are in the class that addresses their needs and abilities.

Class Size

Depending on enrollment, class sizes will vary. We reserve the right to split classes, as well as put a cap on student sign ups per class. Depending on the class, the number of students can be crucial to the dancer’s safety. Please be patient the first month of classes. This is a transition time for students and instructors, while we learn student’s strengths and weaknesses. After evaluating each student, they may be moved to another level. Class sizes will be finalized at the director’s discretion.

Private Lessons
  • All private lesson must be approved by a Director (Rachel Newton or Ashley Sullivan)
  • In order to take a private lesson of any kind, the student must be enrolled in ballet (hip hop is an exception) and a class of that genre. (Example: in order to take a jazz private lesson, student must be enrolled in a ballet and a jazz class.)
  • Private lessons may be added on in addition to registered classes at any point during the year pending space and teacher availability.
  • Dropping a class at any point in the year after registration to add a private lesson (solo, duo, trio) is not permitted.

Students should arrive 5 – 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Please be prompt when picking up dancers after class. All dancers are required to remain quietly inside the studio when waiting to be picked up. No student should leave the studio without a parent or guardian and should alert their teacher or the office personnel if carpooling.

Attendance and Absenteeism

It is important that dancers attend all scheduled classes. Regular attendance is imperative for consistent progress and to ensure that the dancer receives the maximum benefit from the class. This is especially true in group classes where a student’s absence will have an effect on the formations involving other students and placement in the choreography of routines. It is the student and/or parents responsibility for obtaining any information missed when absent. If a dancer must miss class for any reason please call the studio prior to the scheduled class so that we may notify the teacher. If a student knows in advance that they will be absent from class, please let the instructor know before the day of the class.

  • Remember, tuition is due whether or not a dancer is able to attend all classes in a month. Credit is not given for missed classes or for weather related cancellations.

At Premier Dance Academy we try to keep our dancers and their families informed. Although we try to speak to everyone about important information or updates, it is impossible to know if everyone has received all the latest information. For this reason it is the responsibility of the dancer and/or the parents to stay informed. If you drop your dancer off or participate in a car-pool, we encourage you to come in on a regular basis to check the information table for up-dated & important information, upcoming events, schedule changes, payments due, etc. Please check the information table often or speak with a desk member for new information. We release information via information table, email, and Facebook. Please verify that we have a valid e-mail for you.


  • MAKE SURE OUR EMAIL IS UP TO DATE IN YOUR CONTACTS! Why? We are using Constant Contact to assist us with our information emails, newsletters, surveys, events, and social media promotions. How? Add us to your contacts! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Check your SPAM, PROMOTIONS, or any other folder for our emails.
Inclement Weather Policy (Snow & Ice Days)

Premier Dance Academy will closely follow the Leicester Public Schools system’s decision for canceling school and classes. The days we are closed however, will not always be the same due to the fact that the roads may clear up in the afternoon or worsen as nighttime approaches depending on when the weather hits. If you have questions or are uncertain about whether classes will be held please call or email the studio. There will also be a posting on the studio website if class is cancelled or delayed. We do not pro-rate or deduct from tuition due to weather.

Student Teachers
  • Student teachers must be enrolled in Ballet as well as all genres they assist with. (Example: If the student teacher is assisting a tap, jazz, ballet combo, they must be enrolled in a tap class, jazz class, and ballet class at their own level.)
  • Directors have the right to terminate student teacher at any time as they see fit.
  • It is up to the director’s discretion which classes each assistant will be helping.
Dance Rooms

Parents, siblings or visitors are not permitted in the dance rooms unless invited in by an instructor or on special occasions. Students are not allowed in the Dance rooms until class time. Please have students wait quietly in the lobby until the scheduled class start time. When it is time for class, the Instructor will bring the students into the classroom in an orderly manner. No chewing gum, candy, food and/or drinks are allowed in the dance rooms. Water is allowed in non-spill plastic water bottles or containers only. Please do not wear street shoes into the dance rooms! Dance shoes, socks or bare feet only! Please remember that Dance Shoes should never be worn outside of the Dance Studio!


Absolutely no parents or siblings are allowed in the dance rooms except on special occasions. We hold parent observation weeks every few months to allow parents and guardians into the class to see their child’s progression. Please ensure that any siblings waiting for a student remain seated and quiet.

Lobby/Waiting Area

For the comfort and well-being of our students and their families, we ask that you limit the food and drinks that you bring into the Lobby. We know that many of you may be coming directly from other activities, daycare or work and may need to eat quickly before going into class.

  • Please keep the food and drink in a confined area and do not share with other children without the permission of that child’s parent.
  • It is the responsibility of a parent/guardian to make the studio aware of any allergies so that cautionary measures can be taken.
  • Students, Parents and Staff will be notified if a severe allergy will affect their class and what can and cannot be brought into the studio to eat.
  • Do not allow children to walk around with food. Please be responsible for cleaning up after your dancer and siblings. If any area of the studio needs our attention, please let a member of our staff know immediately.
  • Please be sure that any siblings waiting for a student remain seated and quiet.
  • Please do not allow children to rough-house, horse-play, or to run up/down the hallway or allow young children to go to the restrooms alone. Absolutely no children should be left unattended or unsupervised. The Premier Dance Academy Staff can only be responsible for the students in class.
Studio Policies on Behavior & Conduct

All students are expected to be well-behaved, courteous and respectful to instructors, fellow students, staff and all others. Disrespectful, mean or uncooperative behavior or attitudes will not be accepted from anyone. Any student or parent displaying any of these behaviors may be asked to consider if they wish to continue at the studio.

In order to provide the best possible dance experience, the following behavior will not be allowed:

  • Disrespectful behavior towards the instructor or anyone else
  • Disruptive behavior including excessive talking
  • Rough-housing, running or horseplay
  • Destruction of property
  • Speaking negatively about one another, an instructor, or anyone else Comparing abilities or ridiculing another’s abilities Harassment or intimidation of any kind, including bullying
  • Pushing, shoving or fighting of any kind
  • Not respecting other student’s space—KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!

All students are expected to behave in a way that demonstrates self respect and a desire to learn. If a student displays any behavior that is deemed inappropriate or disruptive, that student may be asked to sit down for a few moments and watch class. If the behavior continues, the student may be brought out of the classroom to sit with a parent or office staff until they are ready to return to class with the appropriate behavior. The teacher will determine when the student may re-enter. Do not attempt to re-enter the child yourself.

We strongly want to encourage our students to:

  • Come to class with a positive attitude
  • Listen with an open mind when an instructor is giving correction to another student or to yourself
  • Keep trying even when it isn’t easy
  • Compliment and encourage your fellow classmates
  • Work hard so that you can achieve your goals

Information on studio scheduling, events and all updates at Premier Dance Academy are primarily distributed via email. Information will also be displayed on our website (, our Facebook account, and at the information table located by the front door of the studio. It is the guardian’s responsibility to check email regularly and to visit the desk staff/information table/websites to collect any information. It is the guardian’s responsibility to contact the studio directors in person, by phone, or email with any questions.

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