"With all the studios in the Worcester / Leicester area, this studio is like a breath of fresh air! The teachers are fantastic and so caring. Their choreography is unique and the students are all hard working and so sweet! It's so nice to find a studio who's students support one another and are all accepting of each other!" - Deanna Jarvis


Grown-Up & Me: For adults age 18 & up with a child ages 2-3 


In a playful & safe environment, caregivers and children bond & interact with one another and other children and adults through fun & developmental movement, music & dance activities. Dance/movement patterns of the "Brain Dance",created by renowned dance educator Anne Green Gilbert, are presented through rhymes, songs and extensive use of materials and props



Creative Dance Ages 3 -5

Children ages 3-5 explore & understand their own feelings & experiences (and those of others!) through singing, dancing, live & recorded music, & extensive & varied props and materials. Developmentally appropriate movement concepts based on renowned dance educator Anne Green Gilbert's "Brain Dance" are explored through joyful & fun activities -- which encourage a strong kinesthetic awareness of themselves and a strong foundation for school readiness and life-long learning.


Creative Movement (Ages 2 - 3)


An introductory dance class for children to develop the necessary skills needed to participate in a structured class routine while  learning and enjoying fun music, rhythmic dance, socialization skills, stretch, and body awareness. This class is a wonderful way for a child who loves music and movement to develop a positive attitude toward learning and the classroom. 






Intro to Dance Ballet/Tap (Ages 3 - 5)



For the child who is ready to learn and explore the FUNdamentals of dance, this class will introduce the basic dance vocabulary and steps associated within the genres of ballet and tap.  Children will engage in fun routines and learn about body positions, balance, and rhythmic sounds and tempo of tap shoes while engaging in games and enjoying music.  


Characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. The taps are small metal plates located on the toe and the heel of the shoe. Tap dance is a musical art form and a fun-filled way to develop rhythm, coordination and balance.



This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance.

Musical Theatre

A style of dance that interprets a song from a Broadway show of Musical.  The dancers will learn to portray characters and their stories through dance choreography.



A style of dance that combines classical dance technique with the precision of acrobatic elements. It is defined by athletic character and unique choreography, which blends dance and acrobatics.


A dance style that combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz dance techniques. The name lyrical comes from the word "lyrics" because dancers use the lyrics of a song or instrumental music to inspire them to do certain movements or show expression.


An expressive dance that combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. This style tends to utilize strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance's stress on the torso. Focus is on contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music.



The foundation of all styles of dance, which has developed through centuries. Ballet is a disciplined, highly technical, study of dance. The dancer develops proper body placement, grace, technique, and strength.

Pointe: A form of ballet presented on the tips of the toes, made possible by specialized pointe shoes. There are different varieties of ballet en pointe, but for the most part they focus on grace and specific technique.

Hip Hop/Breakdance

A fun, upbeat class that includes street dancing and other "hip" moves to the latest popular music. Break dancing will also be incorporated into this class.

Breakdance: A street-based dance that incorporates intricate body movements, coordination, style, and aesthetics. The oldest known hip-hop style of dancing.


Improvisation Ages  5 - 7 

By playing, inventing & creating through guided movement ideas, students are encouraged to dance like no one is watching! Through developmentally appropriate dance activities, the use of sounds, silence & music, and varied props & materials, improvisation allows dancers to free themselves of inhibition and explore their own unique movement style. Renowned dance educator Anne Green Gilbert's "Brain-Compatible Curriculum" provides a foundation and promotes body-mind integration, and social, observational and physical skills such as balance & coordination.



Moving Your Body, Finding Your Voice (Girls Only Ages 11+)


How often have you watched an advertisement or incident in which a woman or girl is stereotyped or defined in a limited way, based on society's expectations of appropriate behavior, physical features or body type?  Using the art form of dance, this class aims to increase the self-awareness & self-esteem of pre-teen & young teen girls. Within a supportive group of girls & encouraged by the instructor, students begin to master the expressive & physical skills of dance vocabulary, improvisation and choreography. Using these skills they are guided to develop their own unique voices and identities. Seminal female figures in dance history & other areas of life will be discovered & used as inspiration, as the students co-design the curriculum!


Select Composition Ages 13+


Making original dances can be exciting, frustrating & terrifying. The aim of this class is to explore various ways of demystifying & simplifying choreography. By manipulating movement ideas in unexpected ways, chance methods, & games dancers will travel far beyond the linking of known dance steps to build dance studies & complete dances, which can be personal, purely abstract, site-specific, multidisciplinary, participatory & intergenerational. And if you want to know what all this means, sign up and bring your fun & creative self to class (even if you don't think you're creative!).



Requisites for Premier Classes

Acro 1: None - Ballet Recommended 

Acro 2:  None - Ballet Recommended

Acro 3:  Ballet co-requisite 

Acro 4:  Ballet co-requisite 

Acro 5:  Ballet co-requisite 

Ballet: None

Company Classes: Varies by level, click here to learn more 

Hip Hop/Break Dancing: None

Jazz: None - Ballet recommended

Lyrical/Contemporary: Min 1 year ballet experience and ballet co-requisite

Musical Theatre:  None - Ballet recommended

Tap:  None - Ballet recommended

SOLOS - All solos (Exception Hip Hop) - ballet co – requisite


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